Hi! I'm Brett and this is my project on information technology privacy and security. When it comes to computers and the Internet, my approach is to be reasonably paranoid and sufficiently secure.

Reasonably paranoid? This is a belief that information technology is trustless. All of it. Your hardware and the software blobs inside of it. Your operating system. Your applications. Your web browser. Your websites. The servers on the internet called the cloud that interact with your computer and smartphone.

Sufficiently secure? While nothing digital is ever 100% secure, there are safeguards for most trustless information technology. Some are often pre-installed and available to you but not set up. Some you discover or learn about, get, install, and set up. Some are choices of hardware, applications, and service you use. Some are personal practices and habits.

Innecto ... What's That?

Innecto -- [verb, Latin] (1) To connect, to join. (2) To gather together. (3) To weave, to entwine.

For now, this site is mainly a portal to private Nextcloud and Friendica instances. Due to bandwidth and server data storage limitations, these are only for family and friends.

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Link to Innecto Friendica

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Faux Link to Innecto Email

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